Chasing the Sounds and Semantics that Bridge Cultures

Podcast Editing, Consulting,
and Productions that embrace the New

In the mouth's of ancient Indian Philosopher's "Pramana" meant the "right instrument" that we use to reach truth and understanding.  At Pramana Langauge Lab, we believe that everyone has the right instrument to make themselves heard and understood, and that the tools for doing so are diverse, complex, and often real weird! We offer podcast editing services to groups in hard to reach places, creative consulting on linguistics, Religion, intercultural dialouge, and other areas of exepertise.  We also make podcasts and other media designed to educate people about game theory and semantic change.


Podcast Editing and Mangement


We can clean, edit, provide sound fx, post, and manage your podcast or other sound-based endeavor!  Check out the latest episode of PlayQuest to see what we can do!

Consulting and Freelance Writing


Are you working on a project that involves the way langauge undergoes change? Does your creative project need content sensitive to ethical, philosophical or religous themes? Do you need research done related to applied ethics, recording, sound, or lingusitics?  The Lanaguage Lab is here to help.  Peruse Our Current Projects to get an idea of our specialities.